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My approach, experience, and commitment to you.

Editing provides an opportunity for researchers to sharpen their language and elevate the impact of their work. As a professional Editor, I’m passionate about my job and hold myself to high standards of accuracy, honesty, and fairness. My approach to articles is to work with them as though they were my own. I aim to turn good articles into exceptional articles, while maintaining your unique voice and style.


My name is David Chapman. I studied Biomedical Science at university, spent around 10 years in the research laboratory environment working in histology laboratories, and then had a long career in sales selling lab equipment, pharmaceuticals, and then medical devices working with surgeons of all surgical disciplines, anesthetists, cardiologists, and nurses. As such, I am very familiar with the language of medicine and research.


A little over 5 years ago I moved to Istanbul, Turkey, and was blessed with the opportunity to work at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, as a medical editor. During this time I studied medical editing via the University of Chicago and became fully versed in the requirements of journals, and the importance of maintaining the author's voice. In my 4 years at the university, I edited around 1000 articles. I  continue to edit for 6 high profile Turkish medical journals, and have helped very many individual authors.  


It would be both our intentions for you to be published with the first submission of your article. Sometimes this does not happen, however. Sometimes reviewers do not like the language, and this is not necessarily because there is a problem with the English, it is often a matter of the preferred style of the reviewer, perhaps even because the reviewer is not native himself. A more common situation is for an article to receive a request for revision, for information to be added, more fully explained, and so forth. My commitment to you is that I will work with you at every step of each article, regardless of how many revisions or how much of a revision is requested, for a single fee. My sole aim is to get you published.    

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